SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 : Menifee California

We (Ruth and Mary) were at it again. This year our Tropical BBQ was at Mary's house.  It was held the same week as an AFN Workshop at the Broadcast Center in Moreno Valley.  We were hoping for more participation, but the 40 people that attended had a grand time. This is the last reunion we will be organizing. If anyone, anywhere is interested in having another military broadcasters reunion, please remember to invite us! Links to pictures will be coming soon.

MARCH 10-13, 2016 : Ontario California

One afternoon in 2015 Mary Carnes and Ruth Newton were eating sandwiches, drinking a beverage of their choice, and reminiscing about the good and not-so-good times they had back when AFRTS was in Hollywood and AFIS existed. In other words, talking about old friends from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. They had fun trying to remember names and faces, confirming/denying rumors and revealing secrets. (at some point secrets are declassified, right?) Then they thought how cool it would be to invite everyone from the good 'ol days to Ruth's house for a BBQ. They put the word out on Facebook and got a positive response. That thought turned into a reality.

In March 2016 Ruth and Mary organized a Worldwide social event for vintage AFRTSers. No meetings or breakout groups, just the socializing. Everyone involved with AFRTS, AFIS, AFN, DMA, DMC at one time or another in their life was invited.  It was held in Ontario California with most of our traveling guests staying at the Ontario Airport Hotel.


This Thursday-Sunday event started with happy hour at the Ontario Airport Hotel the evening most people arrived. Activities throughout the weekend included a tour of DMA Riverside near March ARB, Wine Tasting, Icebreaker and fantastic BBQ dinner at Ruth's house. 

About 50 folks came to at least one of the planned events. It was great seeing everyone and a good time was had by all. 

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