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afn alumni... and future alumni

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Alan MacQuoid

Mapleton, Oregon

Blue Danube Network (1954-55) AFN (1955-56)

Don Malloy (Tracy)

Altadena, California

1973-1993, Radio talent

Paul Markey

Finksburg, Maryland

Berlin American High School intern for AFN Radio and AFTV/AFN TV Berlin, Germany 1973-1975.    
Stayed in the industry - currently a senior editor at Discovery Communications and a voice talent.

Larry Marotta

Monrovia, California

1/12/1987 to 1/20/2017,  AFN-BC TV Post Production Manager, TV Operations Manager, TV Program Manager and Director of TV.

Tim Mattox

Fallbrook, California

Tim: 03/76 - 08/12, FEN Tokyo - AFRTS Hollywood - Honduras - AFRTS Sun Valley - SEB Vicenza - March ARB. Married to Yachiyo.

Roy Messersmith

Louisville, Kentucky

Roy: 1991 - 1992 Chief of SATNET Operations;  1993 - 1994 Deputy Commander Broadcast Center, Sun Valley CA. Married to Victoria.

Lou Miles

Washington, Utah

George Miley

Bellvue, Colorado

1992-1994: Company Commander

Mark Moss

Eagan, Minnesota

1982 - 1992, SEB 1983-1987 AFKN 1987-1989 AFDN 1991 DINFOS Instructor 1989-1992

Ann Mulligan

Albany, Ohio

AFN-Europe 1977-2007

Thirty year career on-air and in management. Final position: Deputy Commander of AFN Europe. Retired 2007.

Frank Neely

Rota, Spane

2013 - 2016 AFN Bahrain,  2016 - 2019 AFN Rota

Ruth Newton

Ontario, California

1975 - 1999   Started as a temp two week job at the Hollywood facility in 1975 and left 24 years later. I retired from the facility at March ARB~~

Art Niemann

Sherman Oaks, California

Air Force 1981-1985, AFEBS Ramstein 1982-1983, AFEBS Det Incirlik, Turkey, 1985-1986.

Doug Noyce

Corona de Tucson, Arizona

September 1990 - March 1997 BC-LA, BC-MARB

Joel O'Brien

Randolph, Vermont

AFN-TV / Radio Berlin. 73-76

Jim Overman

Encino, California

Jim: Deputy Director BC Desert Storm. Married to Linda.

Mike and Carolyn Paterson

Vero Beach, Florida

U.S. Army (E-1 to O-5) June 1966-January 1988; Analytic Operations Chairman, CEO 1988-1992.  Carolyn Redden also worked at Analytic Operations.

David Perry

Biloxi, Mississippi

Kent Peterson

Redlands, California

1969-2016 Taipei Taiwan, CCK AB Taiwan, Philippines, Clear AS Alaska, Eieslson Alaska, Incirlik Turkey, Lajes Azores, AFRTS Hollywood/Sun Valley, Zaragoza Spain, AFRTS Sun Valley, AFRTS Riverside.

Gene Plunkett

Pasadena, California

Nov '63 - Ft Slocum NY, Spec Bcast Course #1; Jan '64-'67 - Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico; '67-'68 - Whiteman AFB MO, '68-70 - SAC HQ, SAC Radio Service; '71-'72 - Korat & Utapao Thailand; '73-'76 - Anderon AFB, Guam; '76-80 - AFRTS-LA, Navy Tape Pgm; '80 - Retired USAF; '80-87 - AFRTS-LA, Radio Master Control; '87-92 - AFRTS-LA, Radio Producer

Gene Price

Sherman Oaks, California

1972 - 1995, Radio Talent

Willie Price

Murrieta, California

Sports Programming Specialist at Defense Media Activity,  Sports Programming Specialist at AFN American Forces Network, Sports Programming Specialist at U.S. Department of Defense (DoD),  Former Broadcaster at Defense Media Activity, Former Journalist at USS Theodore Roosevelt

Joe Quimby

Kennesaw, Georgia

NBS/AFRTS Shipboard 1975-77, NBS HQ 1989-91 and 1995-97

Michael Ream

Rota, Spain

2010-2013 AFN Yokosuka,  2017-2019 AFN Rota

Russell Reed

North Bend, Washington

1973-1976: AFN Berlin; 1979-1980: AFKN; 1983-1986: SCN Panama

Bill Reid

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

Works at Defense Media Activity.  Past: Southern Command Network and DMA Yokota/AFN Tokyo

Joe Reiling - Rest In Peace My Friend

June 11, 1952 (Ohio) - October 7, 2017 (California)

Employed by KLOS from 1977-81 and 2003-2009. During the years of 1982-1990, Joe broadcast for several prominent L.A. radio stations including KMET, KNX and KLSX.  In 1984, joined Armed Forces Radio, hosting an alternative rock show.

Jef Reilly

Menifee, California

Currently at AFN Riverside

Alan Rowland

Carson, California


AFRTS Sagelak, Labrador 70;  AFN Stuttgart 73-75, 80-83;  AFEBS Sondrestrom Fjord, Geenland 76;  AFEBS, Incirlik, TK 78-79;  AFN Camp New Amsterdam, NL 84-89;  AFEBS, Irakion, Crete 90-92;  AFRTSBC Sun Valley, 93.  Married to Suzanne.

Thomas Sargent

St. Petersburg, Florida

Air Force Broadcaster for 21 years all over the world.

Larry Sawell

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tom Scanlan - Rest in Peace My Friend

Mohawk, Michigan

Dec 62 - Jun 73 Active, 73-00 USAF Reserve; 1964 AFTV - Galena, Alaska; 1966-'68 AFRTS Turkey, Incirlik AB; 1968-'71 AFTV Germany, Ramstein AB; 1971-'73 DINFOS Ft. Harrison IN; 1973-2000 USAF Reserve. Left this Earth May 2017.

Michael Schlatter

San Antonio, Texas

Golf and Tennis Coordinator at USAF, retired.  AFIS/DAP from 1987-90. Worked with Buzz Rizer on Fairfax in Old Town Alexandria.

Paul Schleisman

Grand Junction, Colorado

David Schmidt

Round Rock, Texas

1972 - 1978  SCN/AFRTS Los Angeles

Paul Schultz

AFN Europe

AFN Wuerzburg '96-'00: NCOIC and Station Commander
HQ, AFN South '09-'11: AFN-S 1SG
HQ AFN Europe '16 to present: AFN-E CSM

Charles and Joan Park Seward

Grants Pass, Oregon

Charles:  AFN-Europe 1973 to 1975.   Joan:  AFN-Europe 1974 - 1976

Founded Video Park in Baton Rouge and New Orleans in 1982. We became the largest post-production facility in the state. The first with timecode editing, digital editing, total digital editing suite, high end post unmatched in the area. Many industry awards.

LaRita Shelby

Sherman Oaks, California

AFRTS DJ 1990-1997 LaRita Shelby show

Ray Shepherd

Hanover, Maryland

Current Director of DMA

Jerry Shields

Dan Slentz

Fort Meyers, Florida

July 19, 1986 - Dec 1990 Det 6 AFEBS Torrejon AB, AF Broadcaster

David Smith

Clarksville, Tennessee

SATNET from 1989-1993, Mini-TV coordinator from 1989-1995. Married to Beth.

George Smith

Moreno Valley, California

Currently at AFN Riverside

Wonyong Song

Humphreys, South Korea

Joined in July 2005 with AFN Korea to present.

Phil Stern

Fort Meade, Maryland

1985-2008 AFNE, 2008-2009 ABS/SMC, 2009-2014 AFNK, 2014-Present HQ DMA

Jose Toledo

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Defense Media Center, Armed Forces Network, U.S. Army

John Toniolli

Alexandria, Virginia

John: Currently Chief, Production Acquisition Division, AMVID at  United States Army.  Married to Penny.

Gary and Marie Trammel

Menifee, California

1963 to 1966.  1963-'64 AFTV Ramstein AB Germany; '64-'65 AFTV Peshawar AS Pakistan; '65-66 AFRS RAF Bentwaters AB England

Chris Vadnais

Sembach, Germany

July 2014 to September 30, 2017:  Chief, Operations at AFN Europe

Jeff Valdez

Alexandria, Virginia

Currently Field Operations Officer at U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

Ryan Valverde

Ramona, California

Jan 2017- Feb 2018, AFN Diego Garcia, Station Manager

Mike Ward

Mesa, Arizona

1975-1978: Part-timer at AFRN Eielson and 1981-1982 at AFKN Osan.

Donna Warner

Menifee, California

Fred Watkins

Stockton, California

Danny Weaver

Maple Shade, New Jersey

AFBS, Clark Air Base, Pampanga 

Jeff White

Kemah, Texas

July 1994 thru December 2010.  1994-'97 AFRTS-BC Deputy Commander Sun Valley and March Field; 2004-'10 DMC/AFN-BC Executive Director, March Field CA

Charles Brandon Williams Jr.

Statesville, North Carolina

AFRTS/USAF (Jul 1967-Jul 1991) Defense Media Center Contractor (Oct 1997-2016)

Patricia Winn Lambert

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

ABS, SEB and AFN Budget Officer 1986-1992.  Married to Jim Lambert.

Jon Yim

San Diego, California


US Navy broadcaster: SITE-TV (USS White Plains), FEN-Tokyo, FEN-Okinawa, HQ USPACFLT PAO, NBS Det. Harold E. Holt (Australia)

John Zepeda

Manson, Washington

1976-1981 AFRTS-BC Hollywood; 1981-'82 AFKN Seoul Korea; 1982-'85 AFRTS-BC Hollywood.

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